Rest In Peace W. Bro Henry Gilmore


Very dear brethren on behalf of the W.M, Wardens, Officers and Brethren of St Georges Masonic Lodge No 166 we regret to have to announce the demise of our friend and very dear W. Bro Henry Gilmore taken from us on 26th May 2016 at the grand age of 96 yrs after a short illness in the Mater Hospital Belfast.

Henry Gilmore was initiated into Craft Freemasonry on the 14th October 1949 and was raised on 8th September 1950. Having an expert eye for detail and attributed with the memory of an elephant he spent a considerable number of years along with others travelling far and wide within the fraternity sharing his Masonic experience, knowledge and delivering his very own unique manner of candidate friendly degrees for other Lodges.

Henry served at both Provincial and Grand Lodge office throughout his Masonic journey and not I might add just in those commonly mentioned in the Craft Masonry but also in the RAC, Council of Knight Masons, Preceptory and the higher degrees. Henry travelled far and wide following the example he had set in Craft Masonry by visiting and delivering Degrees in Freemasonry for all that needed or requested him.

In 2005 Henry suffered a major stroke, from which early signs of recovery were not very good. He was however attended to by his long suffering in the name of Freemasonry by his wife jean, who not only took care of his physical well being but also had the enormous task of teaching Henry to speak again, much to the admiration and respect of all that knew them both. After a break of a year and being ever pessimistic about the return of our friend, Henry returned into the fold. He showed amazing resilience and determination to get back into the world in which he loved and whilst his speech came on leaps and bounds and he astonished many it was his memory that had borne the brunt of the stroke and from which he was sadly never to make a full recovery and for that he was deeply saddened. His late wife Jean often recalled her life as a “Masonic Widow” at every opportunity to a bemused audience.

Henry Gilmores name will forever remain synonymous with Freemasonry and his legacy will live through those Brethren whose lives he touched. He will be very sadly missed at all those branches of the order that he not only belonged to but attended regularly for many, many years until his declining health and advancing years hindered him.

Having visited Henry regularly, all those who spoke to him can tell you that he talked non-stop Freemasonry. He loved to hear about everything the order was doing and what was lying ahead or was planned for the future. A man of rapidly advancing years he showed remarkable understanding of and patience for all those coming or following him on their very own unique journey in the order.

Rest in Peace old friend.

Bro N. King – Secretary 166