Vow Ferry

District of Cary and Dunluce

Vow Ferry got its name from a ferry that conveyed passengers across the River Bann. Vow Ferry was granted Warrant No. 17 on the 12th October 1839. The current hall is a two storey building built in 1905 with a slated roof and dashed painted outer walls it has been renovated in recent times. The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, a pool room, toilets and a large function room of approximately 1800 sq. ft. The stairway leading to the ante room and the Lodge room are all panelled in mahogany coloured sapele timber. The Lodge room itself is approximately 1000 sq. ft. and seats 55 around the walls and if required could seat up to 85 and still leave plenty of room to carry out the ritual. One very nice feature of the room is the ceiling which is panelled in oak timber, the shape of the outer roof. The only item of interest in the hall is the Master's Chair, which is intricately carved with Masonic symbols painted on. The seating in the Lodge room is strange in that they are upholstered bench type seats, each bench having six wooden arms and a man of broad girth would have difficulty getting in between the arms. There are no more items of interest or any great value in this hall except one very important fact: it was in this hall where the greatest Formula One motorcycle road racer of all times, Joey Dunlop, became a Master Mason.

Thanks to Irish Masonic Records v3

Lodges that meet here

17 : Vow Ferry
meets each month on the 1st Friday at 8.00 pm with the exception of the months of July - August - September

Address: Freemasons' Hall, 122 Vow Road, Ballymoney, BT53 7NU