District of Cary and Dunluce

Portrush, is the best situated hall in Carey and Dunluce for it is close to the towns of Portstewart and Coleraine, a densely populated district known as the Triangle Area. The hall is close to a large car park. It was dedicated on Monday, 18th September 1924 by the Provincial Grand Master, Brother J.H. Stirling for Union Lodge No. 1008, who were granted their Warrant on the 1st April 1813. The hall looks from the outside as though it is a two storey building when in fact there is a caretaker's flat, which has now become derelict. The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, cloakrooms a toilet and a large dining hall. In this dining area there is a display case. As you proceed up a very grand wooded staircase past a most beautiful coloured leaded window, matched by others in the Lodge room itself, you enter the hall from a small ante room where the door opens into the grandest Masonic temple in the Carey and Dunluce area. It reminds us what a rich man's club room would have looked like 70 years ago. The interior of this room is richly decorated, furnished to capacity with the best furniture available. It has many fine pieces of interest. To give you some idea about its contents, in the glass cabinet are two tunic buttons from The First Volunteer Lodge, No. 620 Dublin, dating from the 1798 rebellion. These buttons are reputed to have belonged to that famous United Irishman, Henry Joy McCracken.

Thanks to Irish Masonic Records v3

Lodges that meet here

607 : Shalman
meets each month on the last Thursday at 7.30 pm (meets 2nd Thursday in December and meets at 6.30 pm in January) The Lodge does not meet in July and August

1008 : Union
meets each month on the 1st Monday at 7.30 pm

Address: Freemasons' Hall, 20 Dunluce Street, Portrush, BT56 8DN