Lodge of Harmony 645 – 50 Year Jewel Presentations on Friday 28th October 2022

On Friday 28th October 2022 Lodge of Harmony 645 presented three of their Members with their fifty year Jewels and Certificates to commemorate their service in the Order.

Some were due to have them earlier but because of the Pandemic were held back.
They are: –

Wor. Brother DAVID GRIFFIN was initiated into the Order on 6th November 1970, and
affiliated into Edenmore ML 161 on 3rd October 1975 was Worshipful Master in 1986 and
2010, then when Edenmore handed over their Warrant moved with the rest of the Lodge into
Lodge of Harmony 645 6th December 2019.

Wor. Brother NOEL C. BENNETT was initiated into the Order on 4th December 1971,
was Worshipful Master in 2015.

Wor. Brother ERIC MCLAUGHLIN was initiated into the Order on 25th February 1972,
was Worshipful Master in 1987.

Congratulations to these Brethren as they mark this Masonic milestone.

The Lodge was attended by R.W. Brother Paul Harvey, Provincial Assistant Grand Master on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master. The Meeting was held on Friday 28th October 2022 at 7.00pm in the
Whiteabbey Masonic Centre which was very well attended and a festive
Board was held following the meeting.