264. Royal Arch Chapter P.K. Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp. G.A. Gibson, by Melrose R.A.C. No 612 P.K. 1944

265. Royal Arch chapter Founder members Jewel, Royal Down R.A.C. No 207 Founded 1915

266. Royal Arch Chapter Ex. Kings Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp. T. Cameron in 1978, by Abbey R.A.C. No 180

267. Masonic Pin, presented by W. Brother J.W. Erskine, Golden gate, Denbarker, Mount Barker, Western Austrailia, A former Member of Vowferry Masonic Lodge No 17, Ballymoney. This pin belonged to a “Brother Blair” who lived in Ballymoney in the 1800’s. He was a member of a Lodge that sat in Coleraine, however, to date this Lodge remains unknown.

268. Alleyn Chapter Jewel, presented to Ill. Brother J. H. Lepper as a mark of esteem and appreciation of his services during his term of office as M.W.S. 1919-1920

269. Royal Arch Chapter Founder Members Jewel 1929. Epwort R.A.C. No 562

270. Cowal Royal Arch Chapter No 496 75th Anniversary Jewel 1921-1996

271. Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Stewards Jewel

272. Royal Masonic Boys Institution Stewards Jewel 1950

273. Westhaye Council No 19, Ex. Sir. Knt Jewel, presented to Ex. Sir. Knt C.E. Stirling 1980

274. No 1 St Marks Lodge of Glasgow No 102 3rd July 1974. No 2 200th Anniversary 1766-1966 Saint Marks Lodge of Glasgow of A.F.&.A Masons No 102

275. Founder Members Jewel, St Leonards Masonic Lodge No 3809 Streatham 1917

276. Jewel Lodge St Patrick No 879, presented to R.W. Brother E. Beattie with gratitude from the brethren R.W. Master 1968-1969

277. Royal Arch Chapter Jewel

278. E.S. Royal Arch Chapter No 613 Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp. C.E. Stirling 1962

279. Hollywood Council No36 Jewel, presented to J. Ralston E.C. 1962

280. Victoria Royal Arch Chapter No 254 Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp E.S. Gilliland Ex. King 1954

281. St Andrew Royal Arch Chapter No 469 Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp J.W. Campbell Ex. King 1967

282. Royal Arch Chapter Jewel, presented to Ex. Comp. W.J. Harbinson Ex. King 1965

283. Founder Members Jewel, West Kent Masters Lodge No 5778

284. Jewel Belonging to W. Brother P. Hallen Masonic Lodge No 493

285. Square and Compass

286. Founder Members Jewel, Berlin Lodge

287. Hibernia No 749 I.C. Jewel, presented to W. Brother J.D. McMaster, W.M.1968-1969& 1969-1970

288. Transvaal Masonic Benevolent Fund Stewards Jewel, presented to W. Brother T.J. Robson by Emays Lodge No 3250

289. Transvaal Masonic Educational Institution 1908 Stewards Jewel

290. Transvaal Masonic Educational Institution 1908 Stewards Jewel

291. Transvaal Masonic Educational Institution 1911 Stewards Jewel

292. Transvaal Masonic Educational Institution 1910 Stewards Jewel

293. Founder Members Jewel for Mau Forest Lodge No 7093

294. Unknown Jewel

295. Dungannon Masonic Lodge No 579 P.M. Jewel, presented to W. Bro S.L. Best P.M. 1959

296. Masonic Lodge of Israel Unknown Jewel

297. Jewel presented to Brother J.E. Pinion, by Masonic Lodge No 2973

298. Masonic Lodge No 243 Past Masters Jewel, presented to Brother R.M.C. Stanley P.M. 1964

299. Transvaal Masonic Benevolent Fund Stewards Jewel 1910

300. Founder Members Jewel of The United Service Lodge No 100, Egyptian Constitution

301. Belfast Masonic Widows Fund Chairman’s Jewel 1956, presented to W. Brother T. Chambers by Castlereagh Home Guard Masonic Lodge No 694

302. Grand Lodge of Cairo No 1105, presented to W. Brother A.L. Rodgers W.M. 1923

303. Unknown Jewel