‘Since 1764 – The Ritual Beat of the Bucknaw Drum’.

‘Since 1764 – The Ritual Beat of the Bucknaw Drum’.


A tremendous atmosphere of fraternal friendship prevailed with the unique Bucknaw welcome & hospitality being extended to one and all. Brotherly love, good cheer and great spirt was the chief characteristic of the day, reflecting the particular enthusiasm & love of the Craft that is prevalent in Lodge 194 and throughout the Braid Valley.

The Worshipful Master Mervyn Whiteside opened the Lodge & welcomed Present & Past Provincial Grand Lodge Officers & all visiting Brethren. 

He then received the Provincial Assistant Grand Master R.W. Brother Sam Brennan, warmly welcomed him & offered him the Maul. The PAGM accepted the maul & having been saluted, spoke warm words of encouragement to the incoming Master & officers elect & thanked all Brethren for the continued commitment & efforts to our great order. 

The Worshipful Master Mervyn Whiteside, then called on the Installing Officer Worshipful Brother Tommy Dowds to install his successor – Worshipful Brother Dan Alexander. This having been done the Worshipful Master then proceeded to install his Officers in an exemplary manner.

Equally the festive board was thoroughly enjoyable with the Worshipful Master & the PAGM being conducted into the dining room to a single dignified beat of the Bucknaw Drum. The Bucknaw drum dates to a time before the issue of the Lodge warrant in 1852, and it is recorded that the Brethren would be led to the annual divine church service by a single dignified beat. 

R.W. Worshipful Brother Brennan addressed the Brethren with great positivity for the future of our order, and comprehensively informed the Brethren of all that is happening in Provincial Grand Lodge.

The many visitors were made very welcome with fraternal friendship, great food & with peace, love & harmony among the Brethren obvious for all to see & enjoy. 

Congratulations to the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of 194.