Remembering those who need help during these times

Remembering those who need help during these times.

These are uncertain times for everyone and we are all having to adapt and overcome in order to maintain some form of “new normal” everyone from government to us as individuals.

A major cornerstone of Freemasonry is charity and during these times it has been reassuring that we as a lodge and an organization as a whole have been remembering this principle.

While we have been unable to meet as a Lodge because of lockdown restrictions we have not been inactive, over the last number of months lead by our Almoner, WB David Beggs, the Brethren of Lodge 669, Sir George Clark Memorial, have been ensuring that we remember the most venerable in our society and try in some way to provide help where possible. To date we have provided the following;

  • Donated £500 to the Hosford Homeless Project
  • Delivered 31 ‘SOS bags’ to our Masonic widows & isolated Brethren
  • Provided 2 children with special needs some toys to help to alleviate the boredom of lockdown
  • Delivered 6 bunches of flowers to the wives of Brethren working on the frontline in the NHS
Hosford Homeless Services
Donating £500 to Hosford House homeless services, Pictured Left to right: WB Brian McBride, WB David Beggs, Arlene Megaw (Hosford House) and WB Stephen Abrol
‘SOS Bags’ ready to be delivered to our isolated and vulnerable Brethren and widows
Flowers delivered to the wives of Brethren working on the frontline in the NHS

As ever WB David Beggs has gone the extra mile and ensured the delivery of this project and continues to plan for what’s next and how we can provide additional help and assistance where needed.

In addition to ensuring his duties as an Almoner have been fulfilled WB Beggs enlisted the help of his son Cameron and they have been bringing musical entertainment to many isolated Bretheren and their families by playing their bagpipes for them

and this has been very well received, they have become quite the hit on social media.

As we hopefully come towards the end of this uncertain and worrying period we can reflect that as ever the Freemasons have continued to shine a light in dark times, so while times & circumstances have changed Freemasonry has not.

Click for a video of W. Bro Beggs and Cameron Beggs playing their bagpipes

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