Refurbishment of Carrickfergus Masonic Centre

Refurbishment of Carrickfergus Masonic Centre

The Social Committee of Carrickfergus Masonic Centre used the opportunity during the lockdown period, with the agreement of the Hall committee, to renovate the ground floor of the building.

Ensuring every step of the refurbishment strictly complied with the Government’s rules regarding covid-19, the renovations went ahead. The refurbishment of the bar and festive areas was undertaken using the knowledge, skills and experience available from Brethren who are members of Masonic units that meet on the premises.

Using the joinery and carpentry expertise of W. Bro Paul McMaster and the labouring prowess of some of the social committee members the bar area was modernised and redecorated.

  1. Bro Russell Lindsay’s electrical know-how also came to the fore when he upgraded the LED lighting and installed a flat screen monitor behind the bar.

Once completed the woodwork around the bar was varnished and the interior walls of the main ground floor rooms were painted using the services of a professional painter.

There are eleven Masonic units which meet regularly in the Carrickfergus Hall – 12 if the Social Club is included. The displays above the bar now show emblems and symbols which represent each of the six Craft lodges; three Royal Arch Chapters; two Councils of Knight Masons; one Preceptory and the crest of the Social Committee.

On the first floor the building in the ante rooms of the craft and chapter the photographs of those who received honours, wearing their respective regalia, were updated for the first time in 10 years. The photographic skills of W. Bro Grant Smith were used in overseeing the photographic sessions and also isolating photographs from old pictures of those too ill to attend the photo-shoots at the time.

So the Hall awaits the return of the lodges even though from 29 May 2020 the Social Club opened for business. The club is opened every Saturday night and once the government gives the green light and everything gets back to normal live entertainment will return. The club like all aspects of society, the has seen its numbers decrease but hopefully we will welcome back our old members as well as new customers wanting to use the facilities available.

  1. Bro Stephen Shimmon Social Committee Chairman