Provincial Grand Lodge Stated Communication 23rd September 2019.

Provincial Grand Lodge Stated Communication

23rd September 2019.

The new season got off to a resounding start. By 6.00pm the Lisburn Masonic Centre was already buzzing with Brethren renewing friendships, shaking hands, sharing stories, & catching up on the news.

The PGM, R.W. Brother John Mc Lernon, his Deputy and Assistants took time to mix with the Brethren again sharing news, listening to & welcoming one & all.

The meeting opened with assuring familiarity, excellent ritual & precision ceremony, and a rousing render of Old 100th – All people that on Earth do Dwell. In every word enthusiasm, love of fraternity & great joy.

The PGM welcomed everyone noting that the hall was filled to capacity, amounting to some three hundred Brethren. He then took time to welcome all distinguished Brethren and guests. It was particularly pleasing to see R.W Brother John Dickson, Past PGM & R.W. Brother Jack O Dunlop, Past PDGM – both looking well despite recent illness. Many other distinguished Brethren were also present, from Grand Lodge & other Provinces.

The PGM then received the Assistant Grand Master, R.W. Brother Leslie Nixon, who accepted the opportunity to preside. The AGM spoke of his pleasure at being in the Province of Antrim on the occasion of the Installation of two Provincial Assistant Grand Masters. He delivered an informative, authoritative & confident, precision speech on matters of Charity donations. The word to remember here was ‘detriment’, in that donations to Non-Masonic Charities must never be to the detriment of our Masonic Charities. He further noted that every Lodge, no matter how small should always be making a contribution to our Masonic Charities. The speech received the approval of the Brethren as shown by the standing ovation and loud applause.

The main business of the evening was the Installation of two Provincial Assistant Grand Masters – Worshipful Brothers Paul Harvey, Temple ML 51, and George Graham, Harp & Crown ML 60. In turn each was presented to the PGM, Obligated, Invested & Installed. The ceremony was conducted with dignity, sincerity & pure professionalism by all – evidence of many rehearsals and the dedication of the Directors of Ceremonies. Work to be emulated by all. Each of the new PAGMs spoke of the honour at representing the Province and committed to do their utmost best for the Brethren.

Congratulations to our new Provincial Assistant Grand Masters.

Tommy Dowds