Prostate Cancer Awareness


Worshipful Brother Noel B. Smyth, Lodge 103, Lisburn, wrote to the Provincial Grand Lodge Office about his personal experience of Prostate Cancer. He reflected that having attended the Provincial Grand Lodge, Board of General Purposes in January 2018, he listened to Mr Leonard Brereton (Action Cancer) speak of the symptoms Men should be aware of in relation to Prostate Cancer.

  • Need to urinate more often especially at night
  • Extreme urgency to urinate at times
  • leaking urine
  • Weak flow when urinating
  • Painful or burning sensation when urinating

As Mr  Brereton spoke Worshipful Brother Smyth could relate to these symptoms. It prompted him to visit his Doctor and he was given a blood test and a course of treatment.

As Worshipful Brother Smyth says, had he not been in attendance at that meeting, he most likely would still have cancer. He states Early Diagnosis is essential.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms seek medical advice urgently.

Worshipful Brother Smyth has asked if you require support. His contact details can be obtained by contacting the Provincial Grand Lodge Office

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