Presentation of 50 year jewel to R. W. Brother John McLernon (PAGM)

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Photos from W. Brother Tommy Dowds of the 50 year jewel presentation to R. W. Brother John McLernon (PAGM) by R. W. Brother Rodney McCurley (DGM) at Chatham Hall Masonic Lodge No. 152 on Monday 31st October 2016.


Also in attendance were;

R.W. Brother John Dickson – PGM

R.W. Brother Jack Dunlop – PAGM

R.W. Brother John Dunlop – PPGM

R.W. Brother Noel Drain – PGM – L’derry & Donegal

V.W. Brother John Cairns – PGS – L’derry & Donegal

R.W. Brother Robert Quigley – PPGM – L’derry & Donegal[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]