477. June 1988, Masonic Bowling Competition, Finalist Badge, presented by W. Brother James Byrne, James Chambers Masonic lodge No 318

478. Founder Jewel, Stalwart Masonic Lodge No 96, presented to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim, by Stalwart Masonic Lodge No 96, November 1996

479. Lodge St John Dalzell, No 406, Motherwell, 125th Anniversary and Lodge Livingstone No 573 St Andrew 100th Anniversary gift received by W. Brother A. Martin whilst on a visit to Motherwell, Scotland. Presented by him to the Library and Museum of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim 1989

480. Thomas J Morton, Alexanderville Masonic Lodge No 649, W.M. 1936 Founder Member 1933 as Junior Warden. J.H. Gault RAC No 445 P.K. 193


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