Certificates: Knight Templar Encampment held by P.G.L.A


Knight Templar Encampment

High Knights Templars (encampment)

The certificates below are: Knight of the Sword, Knight of the East, Knight of the East & West & knight of Malta

Brother Joseph LD Meares                        Council & Chapter of 154 Belfast            18 August 1964            (photo P1050458)

Brother James Pim Strangmore    Council & Chapter of Lagan Valley Encampment at Belfast   26 June 1872

Brother Richard J Wilson               Council & Chapter of 150  Rathdowney 25 March 1873

Brother George A Reid                   Council & Chapter of Encampment 88 at Belfast          7 October 1872

Brother Andrew Carr                       Council & Chapter of 88     at Belfast       21 October 1864

Brother William Borthwick              Council & Chapter of Lagan Valley encampment 10   Belfast            7 June 1869

Brother John McCutcheon                        Council & Chapter of 106 Belfast                        11 June 1869

Brother Samuel Weir           see note on certificate         specially registered by order of Grand Council19 April 1871


This certificate

Brother John Thompson of Lodges 97,303 &359 and RAC 106 received Knight of the Sword, Knight of the East, Knight of the East & West and The Mediterranean Pass 12 February 1907