Certificates: Certificates from other Constitutions and Orders held by P.G.L.A


Certificates from other Constitutions and Orders


(Master Mason Certificates)

Samuel Arthur Leivers        Grace Dieu Lodge 2428     Coalville        20 August 1931

Francisco Artisane              St Johns Lodge 132                        Gibralter         8 December 1835

Joseph Thomas Summers Castell Crogen Lodge 5678 Chirk                        18 July 1940

John Porter                           Merchant’s Lodge 241 Liverpool               27 February 1891

Frank Mostyn Williams       Merchant’s Lodge 241 Liverpool               1 February 1897

Joseph Beattie                     United Service Lodge 1341                       22 June 1878 (Under seal of PGL Honk Kong & South China)

Matthew Hill                          Prince of Wales Lodge 1035 Liverpool    (in Bootle Lodge 1473 Bootle) 6 September 1876

Frederick Keenan Magee   Donyo Sabuk Lodge 4070 Nairobi           5 April 1959 (under GL of Ireland) (see cert)

Samuel Craig Nelson         Lodge Lakimpur 3127 Dibuigarh Bengal            29 June 1916 (under GL of Ireland)

Frank Henry Whysall          Shakespere Lodge 1009 Manchester      17 January 1906

John Gordon Partridge       Cathay Lodge 4373 Honk Kong               7 April 1961 (Under GL of Ireland)


District Grand Lodge of Hongkong & South China

Joseph Beattie of United Service Lodge 1341 to the office District Grand Steward


Grand Lodge of Scotland

(Master Mason Certificates)

Samuel Allan                                    Stranraer Kilwinning Lodge 208               4 October 1902


Frank Henry Whysall          MM of Lodge 1009 under jurisdiction of GL of England a Chartered member of Lodge James Watt No 1215 GL of Scotland   Registered 6 May 1920


(Installed Master)

Frank Henry Whysall          James Watt Lodge Glasgow No 1215      11 December 1928

(Mark Master Mason)

Frank Henry Whysall          James Watt Lodge Glasgow No 1215      13 April 1921


(Life Member)

Frank Henry Whysall          James Watt Lodge Glasgow 1215            9 June 1920


Grand Lodge of Canada (Province of Ontario)

R.W. Brother James H Stirling       Honorary Past Grand Senior Warden      23 September 1920


Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

(Master Mason Certificate)

Samuel Hughes                   Lodge 230     22 December 1902


SGRAC England


Joseph Beattie         Chapter attached to Lodge 525 meeting at Hong Kong called Victoria Chapter dated 3 March 1880

Matthew Hill              Chapter attached to Lodge 241 meeting at Liverpool called Friendship Chapter dated 8 March 1878

Samuel Craig Nelson         Aurora Chapter 3195          Assam  17 October 1917

Benjamin Banks      Chapter attached to Lodge 778 meeting at London called The Polish National Chapter  dated 22 January 1852



Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England & Wales

Clyde Kirkwood Weldon of St John Lodge 486 (Irish Constitution) admitted Mark Master Mason in Mallet & Chisel Lodge 134 Poona, India 27 May 1925





Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England, Wales, Etc.


William James Leighton     Degree of Knight of the Red Cross of Babylon in Prince Edward Council Time Immemorial 16 March 1925


William James Leighton     Degree of Grand High Priest in Prince Edward Council Time Immemorial 20 January 1925


William James Leighton     Degree of St Laurence  the Martyr, Knight of Constantinople and Grand Tyler of King Solomon Elect of Twenty Seven in Prince Edward Council Time Immemorial 16 March 1925


Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Comp Nathaniel M Conner                        Assiniboia Chapter No 3 enrolled Life Member 26 October 1943


Order of the Temple in England & Wales


John Gordon Partridge Shanghai Priory 195 Hong Kong 18 November 1965

Knight Templar

John Gordon Partridge Shanghai Preceptory 195 Hong Kong 15 April 1965


Rose Croix

Supreme Council 33rd Degree (England & Wales)

Prince Mason

George Allexander Reid of Incicta??Chapter at 33 Golden Square 18 April 1884


Order of the Secret Monitor

Grand Council for the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland & the Colonies & Dependencies of the British Crown


William James Leighton received into the Order of Secret Monitor 21 September 1918 in Cockcroft Conclave No 25

Order of the Eastern Star

Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland

Sister Mary Tecey Affiliated member of South Belfast Chapter 308

Mary Margaret Tecey member of Duncairn Chapter 261