Please see below links introducing the partnership between AGE NI (
and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim, which also provides details on the “Freemasons Fortnight
Challenge”, and what is involved in its participation.

Considering the current age profile of our membership, and the difficult times we find ourselves in, the
Provincial Grand Master considers this as an opportune time to become associated with this first-rate

This information may also be downloaded or you may wish to
contact one of the PGL Charity Officers for further clarification.

The partnership was launched last week, with a press release with the local TV celebrity, Julian

Please participate in the fortnight challenge and let the office know how you are getting on, which will
ensure that we may update our website and Facebook page accordingly.

When the suspension of masonic meetings and events is brought to an end, it is envisaged that talks will
take place at District Charity Level to further explain and enhance a close working relationship with Age

For more information please click on the links :

For a Copy of the Letter About the Partnership CLICK HERE

For a Copy of the Freemasons Challenge Booklet CLICK HERE

For the PGLA & AGE NI Flip Presentation CLICK HERE

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