PALS Committee

The Province of Antrim Leisure and Social Committee

The Province of Antrim Leisure and Social Committee (PALS Committee)has been formed to organise and assist others to organise Leisure and Social events throughout the Province of Antrim and to increase social interaction between Antrim Freemasons and their families.

Through these activities the PALS Committee hope to improve the public perception of the Order, stimulate the new members and retain existing members.

The PALS Committee wish to support and assist thiose already involved in these activities and to encourage the widedr membership in the Province to participate in them.

If your Lodge already organises such events would it be of benefit if Brethren from other Lodges could attend?

These would include organising groups of Brerthren to attend sporting events, theatre, BBQs, Dances, Fairs, Kids’ parties through to even arranging for a degree team to assist with degrees (this list is not exhaustive) the PALS Committee can assist.

Contact can be made by e-mail at or by contacting ant PALS Committee member or through the Antrim Freemason Group. Facebook.

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