Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim Maintenance Grant Scheme Launched

Provincial Grand Lodge of A.F.A.M. of Antrim
Guidance on the
Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim Maintenance Grant Scheme 2021/2

• To provide financial assistance to Masonic Hall Trustees,
and Lodges within the Province of Antrim, to have their
Masonic Halls maintained in a condition alluring and
attractive to Masons and non-Masons alike.
Guidelines for Allocation of Funds

1. The fund will be managed by the PGLA Maintenance Grant
Scheme Committee formed by the Provincial Grand Master.
herein, referred to as “the Committee”.

2. All applications will be assessed by the committee,
comprising of the Provincial Assistant Grand Master
responsible for premises, Provincial Grand Treasurer,
Provincial Grand Secretary, Provincial Grand Superintendent
of Works and one other member (This person will be
appointed by the Provincial Grand Master and should have
practical building/contract experience.

3. The aim of the fund is to provide financial assistance to
applicants for the painting and decorating of the exterior of
hall/buildings to enhance their appearance. Consideration
will also be given to other minor remedial work associated
with the upkeep of the exterior of a building.

4. The maximum grant provided to applicants, will be
£5,000.00 This can be provided in one application or in no
more than two applications.

5. Applicants will be expected to match the requested amount,
pound for pound and evidence of this should be presented
by way of an undertaking. This means that the Committee
will consider a 50% grant to applicants.

6. Applicants must complete an application form, providing
details of their proposed project.

7. Applicants will be required to provide the names of
contractors or persons carrying out the proposed work.

8. When considering a grant application, where the applicant
has indicated that the proposed work will be carried out in
house, (i.e., by Lodge members, friends, or volunteers) the
Committee will insist that adequate third-party insurance
cover is in place for the duration of the project and evidence
of this cover must be in writing to fulfil the necessary Health
and Safety Issues of the project. All relative insurance
details will be required to be in place prior to any work being
commenced and produced to the Committee prior to the
commencement of any work being started.

9. Applicants will be responsible for carrying out and
documenting Risk Assessments prior to and during the

10.Site inspections are required with the applicants for every
application. The PG Supt of Works will carry out site
inspections, advise, report, and make recommendations on
the feasibility of all applications together with regular site
visits during all projects. The PG Supt of Works will not be
responsible to sign off on any contract or the standard of
workmanship. That will be the Applicant’s responsibility.

11.Any contract concerning the proposed works is solely
between the contractor and the applicant.

12.The Committee will require a copy of the third-party
insurance cover held by contractors carrying out the
proposed works but cannot be held responsible for the
suitability of its terms and conditions. This responsibility
will lie with the applicant.

13.The Committee will require a copy of the third-party
insurance cover held by Hall applicants under the same
conditions as stated in the previous paragraph.

14.The Committee will require a copy of the most recent
Annual Accounts report relative to the Applicant along with
the most recent copy of their bank statement.

15.Where a Hall has multiple occupancy only one application
from Trustees will be considered.

16.The fund will not support financial assistance to maintain
the interior or the artefacts within Masonic buildings.

17.Applicants whose halls are in a structurally unsound
condition and require more substantial repairs or planning
extensions to existing buildings, should consider applying to
Grand Lodge for a grant/loan from the Fabric Fund.

18.Applications should be accompanied with a minimum of two
written estimates on official headed paper itemising in detail
the proposed work.

19.When the project is complete, official receipts for all
expenses must be provided to the Committee.

20.If the final costs fall short of the original estimates at time
of application, The Committee will demand a refund of the

21.The fund will not be provided to support applications where
planning permission is required.

22.Applicants seeking help and advice with applications can
request guidance from PG Supt of Works.

23.When a maximum grant is awarded to an applicant in
respect of a particular premises, no further applications can
be submitted by them within a 10-year period.

24.The Committee will present details of each application to
the PGM’s Council, with their recommendations.

25.The PGM’s Council will have the final decision on each

26.After approval, all works must be completed within a 6-
month time scale from the approval date.

27.Any issues regarding the standard of the work carried out,
is to be dealt with by the contractors and the applicant.

28.The Applicants shall indemnify the PGLA from and against
any claims for damages to any property or person
howsoever arising because of any negligence on behalf of
a Contractor or their servants or agents or any Lodge
members, friends, or volunteers.

Applications to the Fund must fully comply with all Provincial Grand
Lodge Bye-laws.

It is the responsibility of Lodges or Local Management Committees
to keep Masonic premises in a good state of repair