Moyarget Barbeque

Very enjoyable evening last night down at the Moyarget Barbeque. There was a packed attendance of members families and supporters from our sister Lodges of Ballintoy, Ballycastle, Ballymoney and Bushmills. We all got an opportunity to inspect the new entrance steps, better suited to a man of my age and to see the new Kitchen and Serving Hatch.  These works organised by our Wor Master Leonard Quigg, Lodge Secretary Harold Kerr, Director of Ceremonies Thomas Christie ( who completed the works to the new Entrance Steps, and our Charity Stewart Martin McLean, along with other volunteers got the works completed on time and to a high standard of finish.

From 7.30PM onwards people began to arrive and took the opportunity to catch up with all the news from their friends and neighbours. Our two chefs Harold and Martin were on the ball and our barbeque started about 8.15Pm, when everybody present had the opportunity to get food and refreshment until the music started. As usual our members had brought a selection of gifts for the Ballot, which was drawn at 10.00PM. Then the Festivities continued a while later.  All in all a very successful evening, with some £ 700.00 being raised from the Ballot and £ 1,200-00 come in from ticket sales. We still have a few expenses to come out, but all in all it was a great night enjoyed by all.