Magheramorne Masonic Lodge No 514, Larne’s Premier Lodge, Installation of Officers

Larnes Premier Lodge !


‘We know him to be of good morals and great skill, true & trusty, & a lover of the whole Fraternity, wherever dispersed over the face of the earth’.


With the installation season now in full swing, it was 514 Magheramornes’ night to install their Worshipful Master & Officers for 2019. 

The Worshipful Jim Thompson opened the Lodge inches now accomplished manner & welcomed Present and Past Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Lodge officers, Foreign Representatives and all visiting Brethren. 

Responding to the salute to Grand Lodge R.W. Brother Raymond Mark commented on the exemplary standard of the opening ceremony, thus setting the tone for the evening, which was characterised not only by exemplary ritual of ‘Larne’s Premier Lodge’, but with much good cheer, merriment  & fraternal friendship.

The Worshipful Master having thanked the Brethren for his year in office then invited Worshipful Brother Billy Thompson to install the Worshipful Master elect, Worshipful Brother Andy Spence. 

Worshipful Brother Billy Thompson proceeded to install Worshipful Brother Andy Spence. The new Master having been proclaimed & saluted then installed the Lodge Officers in an equally exemplary manner. 

Having done so he congratulated the Immediate Past Master Worshipful Brother Jim Thompson for his stewardship of the Lodge in the past year and thanked the Officers of the Lodge for their continued commitment to the Lodge. 

All Brethren were then invited to the festive board, thus rounding off a day characterised by exemplary ritual, fraternal friendship, much good cheer and respectful decorum.