Lodge of Research

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lodge 200 CC, The Irish Lodge of Research, met in Ballymena Masonic Centre for its April communication. The Three Brothers Lodge 775 graciously hosted the Lodge. The Three Brothers Lodge has a fascinating history and this year is celebrating its 225th Anniversary. In 1792 three Brethren, applied to the Grand Lodge of Ireland for a Warrant to hold a Masonic Lodge in Ballymena. They were awarded Warrant Number 775 and took as the name of their Lodge – The Three Brothers, as indeed they were, in every sense of the word.

An excellent paper recounting the 225 years of The Three Brothers Lodge & of Masonic history in the Ballymena area in general was read – a fascinating story, full of excitement, pathos, and adventure. The paper was researched and read by Right Worshipful Brother Robert Bashford in his accustomed accomplished manner.

Many events were noted in the paper including the effect on the Lodge of the 1798 rebellion. On a lighter note is recorded a complaint leveled against a member of The Three Brothers Lodge concerning the use of seaweed for use as fertilizer. The seaweed having been gathered in Carnlough was transported to Ballymena and spread over a field. The Brother concerned then departed to Carnlough for a second load. On his return he discovered that the first load had been removed from the said field, and moved to another field by a Brother who belonged to Lodge 775! A complaint was made to Grand Lodge of Ireland on 24th June 1828, and continued for some 3 years before resolution was achieved.

The paper received the approval of The Worshipful Master Frank Lee, the Wardens, and the Brethren present. A festive board in the excellent facilities of Ballymena Masonic Centre followed the meeting. The full paper may be read at http://www.irishfreemasonry.com/


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Photos contributed gratefully by W.Bro Tommy Dowds. Event organized by W.Bro Ian Macintyre and W.Bro Robert Bashford. Great Job!