Freemason, R.W. Brother Tom McCurley Featured in the Sunday Life on Sunday 16th February 2021

Freemason, Tom McCurley believes it’s the small things that make an impact during times of crisis.

Tom lost his wife Pat to cancer 18 months ago and has lived alone during the repeated lockdowns of the past 11 months, yet he has managed to stay positive, connected and happy by following three simple rules in life that he believes we should all be following…

1 “Don’t run and hide from time on your own – Reflection is a great therapy.”

2 “Life is for living, take the chance, try something new.”

3 “Care for others – it can help to heal you too”

During the current lockdown, the Freemasons of Antrim partnered with Age NI to launch a daily challenge designed to inspire positive actions every day which will lead to a happier, more fulfilled life for the 5000 freemasons in the Antrim area, their family, friends and neighbours. Tom explains;

“It’s too easy to let each day slip by without achieving a lot and that’s ok sometimes, but we have a responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to be positive and happy – The Freemasons Fortnight Challenge is a great way of giving me structure and purpose each day.”

A Freemason since the age of 21, Tom will be turning 70 this year and says he has a lot to be thankful for. After losing his wife quite suddenly in 2019 he has a lot of time to reflect on the happy 46 years they spent together;

“My wife Pat and I had a beautiful life together, four wonderful children and now four amazing grandchildren – I am grateful for her every day. I have made an active decision to each day do something positive, be that filling memory books in for children and grandchildren, working my way through a call list of people who I know could use a friendly ‘Hello’, learning a new song on the guitar – it doesn’t really matter what it is, these small actions which connect us all are the very essence of the Freemasons Fortnight Challenge”

Just before lockdown kicked in adventurous Tom bought a motorbike, one he’d longed for, for years but Pat wouldn’t let him!

“I bought a bike and it’s torturing me sitting in my garage as I can’t do my test! When restrictions are lifted I’ll be getting my licence and living the dream! Until then, I’m keeping busy doing the fortnight challenge, I’m reading more, walking often, doing jigsaw puzzles, cooking, baking, upcycling furniture – you name it, I’ll give it a go! If you’re unsure what to do, then I’d urge to look at the Freemasons Fortnight Challenge and give it a go, it will really help you be more positive during what can be a dark and often lonely time for many.

Get involved with the Freemason Fortnight Challenge, visit to get your free downloadable brochure.