Dates for your 2018 diary!

Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim       150th Anniversary (2018) 


A number of special events will be held during 2018 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim.

     These are given below and further details will be forthcoming as they are confirmed.

 1. 150th Anniversary Church Service        

Permission has been granted by St Patrick’s Church, Castle Street, Ballymena to hold our 150th Anniversary Service on Sunday 18th February

 2. Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim Stated Communication     

To be held on Saturday 26th May. Location to be confirmed

 3. Celebratory Ball               

The Celebratory Ball will be held in the City Hall Belfast on Saturday 26th

May. Price of tickets and menu are still to be finalized

 4. P.A. L. S family Event      

This will take the form of a “family day out” in September. Details to be advised

 5. Remembrance Service  – Centenary of Armistice Day  

This will take place on Friday 9th November .Venue and details to be confirmed.

 6. Musical Evening               

A musical evening for Freemasons and guests will be held in November 2018. The Music, by composers who were Freemasons, will be provided by the Studio Symphony Orchestra. Date and Venue to be decided. Price of tickets to be advised.