B W D Montgomery 434 celebrate 100 Years.

Warrant No 434

Warrant No 434 was first issued to found a Lodge in Killygordon, Co. Donegal in 1765, where it remained for only four years.

It was next issued to a Lodge in Castlefin, Co Donegal in 1819, and remained working until 1835.

In 1863 it was issued to a Lodge in Smythdale, Victoria, South Australia

and was surrendered in 1889 upon the formation of the Grand Lodge of Victoria.

The Warrant then remained dormant until 1917 when the founder members of B W D Montgomery met together and made application for a new Warrant. This application being granted; the Warrant was issued on October 1917.

The Lodge was dedicated on 6th February 1918 and has remained active until present day.