American Brethren Visit Rosemary Street

W. Bro. Adam N. Tager, R. W. Bro. Morgan P. Corr, W. Bro. Richard F. Alexander II, W. Bro. Walter R. Hoenes, & W. Bro. Robert A Maxim II,  pictured under the John Luke Mural, Provincial Masonic Hall, Belfast.

This February I was very pleased to be able to travel to Northern Ireland and onto Dublin with four other Brethren from Washington DC. Though travelling for vacation, we had the chance to visit two lodges while in country. We were, of course, greeted with excellent hospitality by our brothers of the Grand Lodge of Ireland – for which we’re extremely grateful.

Travelling with me were R. W. Bro. Morgan P. Corr, Junior Grand Steward and WM of Irish Affinity Lodge Under Dispensation; W. Bro. Robert A Maxim II, WM of Federal Lodge No. 1; W. Bro. Adam N. Tager, WM of William R. Singleton – Hope – Lebanon Lodge No. 7, and W. Bro. Richard F. Alexander II, WM of The Colonial Lodge No. 1821, a university scheme lodge connected with The George Washington University.

ArkLodgeWe had the pleasure of visiting Ark Lodge No. 10 at Arthur Square in Belfast, where we were treated to the installation of officers. The evening was an absolute pleasure, and it was particularly fascinating to see the similarities as well as the differences in ritual of our two constitutions.  Following the communication, we enjoyed drinks and fellowship with the members, and regret that a prior commitment prevented us from attendance at the festive board. It was a pleasure to meet with Worshipful Brother Dougie Taylor, and various distinguished brethren of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim.

The following day we had the opportunity to tour the Provincial Grand Lodge building on Rosemary Street. Provincial Assistant Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Ivan Gillespie provided us with a splendid and personalised tour of the premises. We were treated on the tour to the main Provincial meeting hall, with its unique artwork (its companion we later saw in the Belfast City Hall). We were further guided on to some of the unused former lodge rooms, a historic Royal Arch room, as well as a particularly memorable tour of the museum with hundreds of artefacts from all over the world. We were all quite impressed with the various spaces, and the overall vastness of the historic structure. Considering the building is slated to be sold shortly, we considered the tour of the building a particular privilege!

Later in the week we also had the chance to pay a visit to Lux Dei Lodge in Dublin. In addition to sitting in lodge with our brothers, we were able to enjoy tea and conversation with the brothers following the meeting. We were then given a tour of that exquisite Molesworth Street landmark building with its many elaborate rooms. Quite a treat for us!

Thanks to all the Brethren who showed us such hospitality during our visit. If any Brethren reading this find themselves in our Grand Jurisdiction of Washington we would be thrilled to return the hospitality.

Sincerely and fraternally,

W. Bro. Walter R. Hoenes

PM of Fraternity Lodge No. 54