60 Year Bar – Worship Brother Robert Mc Seveney

Maghermorne 514 Larne recognised 60 years of dedicated service to the lodge when Worshipful Brother Robert Mc Seveney was presented with his sixty-year Bar by R.W. Brother George Graham, Provincial Assistant Master.  

On the same evening two recently raised Brethren William & Laurence Niblock were also presented with their Grand Lodge Master Masons Certificates.

As can be seen from extracts of the lodge minute books, Robert was proposed on 25 March 1954, balloted on 22 April 1955, and initiated on 16 September 1955.  Completing his Fellowcraft & Master Mason Degrees on the 21 July 1955 and 20 September 1956 – all at a time before many of the current members were born!  

Sixty years can be spoken quickly.  But in it is represented a lifetime.  In sixty years, much happens in a man’s life, employment, promotion, love, family, children, good times & difficult times.  In all that life gives, Robert has and remains dedicated to his lodge, and to the lessons and moral principles of Freemasonry, he is a shining light to all, of our responsibilities to our God, to our neighbours, and to ourselves.    

Following the presentation Robert addressed the Brethren. He spoke quietly, with great clarity & articulation.  The room fell silent as he recalled his long membership of the Lodge.  The Brethren listened in awe to how his Father, also a member of the Lodge, was killed in active service with the Merchant Navy.  His ship was leaving the Mersey when it struck a mine. He recalled with fondness his proposer and great friend Wor’ Brother George Greer asking him as to why he wasn’t yet a member.  Bob replied that he wasn’t old enough, to which George replied that he had been working for ten years and was certainly old enough.  

He mentioned that he knew very well one of the founding members of the Lodge Wor’ Bro’ Thomas Mayne who he recalled collecting the rent from his Mother – Bob was eight years old. In this Bob bridged the span of time and brought everyone back to the Constitution of Maghermorne 514 in 1921.  The Lodge celebrates its centenary in 2021 – and we all look forward to seeing bob with us then.

Congratulations Robert, we wish you long years that you may continue to enjoy good health, happiness, and the company of your friends family and Brethren.