1st Degree – 514 Maghermorne

‘I invest you with the Distinguishing Badge of an Entered Apprentice Freemason’.

In a remarkable evening Worshipful Brother Stephen Girvan introduced his son into Maghermorne 514.    Stephen prepared, conducted, assured & obligated his son with all the solemnity deserving of the occasion and the special bond of father & son. 

He was then instructed by R.W. Brother James McGookin in his polished and accomplished manner.  All who played a part in the Degree, including the Lodge Officers, provided us with as fine an illustration of Irish Craft ritual and ceremony as may be witnessed.   

The Candidate, Scott Girvan conducted himself in a dignified & attentive manner throughout the ceremony.

Congratulations to the Lodge Officers & Members and to our visitors for a full turnout, and congratulations to our newly Initiated Brother Scott Girvan – and his rightfully proud Father.