Official PGLA forms


Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim – Receipts and Payments Form 2018

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PGLA_RandP_form_2018 – P

Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim –  Gift Aid Listing Sheet (GAELS)

Excel version: GAELS sheet


Additional Forms:

Guidelines for Lodge Data Protection 2011 (PDF 53kb) [Guidelines-for-Lodge-Data-Protection_2011.pdf]

Guidelines for COI reps 2015 (PDF 150kb) [Guidelines for COI reps 2015 ]

Amalgamation Closure booklet 2010 (PDF 91kb) [Amalgamation-Closure-booklet_2010.pdf]

Procedures Unmasonic Conduct booket (PDF 115kb) [Procedures-Unmasonic-Conduct-booket.pdf]

Masonic Etiquette (PDF 86kb) [Masonic-Etiquette.pdf]

Guidelines handling Grievances booklet (PDF 73kb) [Guidelines-handling-Grievances-booklet.pdf]

Guidelines for Trustees 2015 (PDF 48kb) [Guidelines-for-Trustees_2015.pdf]

Guidelines for Social Media 2015 (PDF 79kb) [Guidelines-for-Social-Media_2015.pdf]